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Building a Sustainable Future

We at Mid Suffolk District Council believe that housing-led growth is important to the future prosperity of the area. We want to take the time to discuss Our Future with you, explain what the challenges we face are and go into detail about how we can not only meet them, but build a better, sustainable future for the district at the same time.

early summer 2016, we visited the towns and villages throughout both Mid Suffolk and Babergh districts to explain why we believe that housing-led growth is important to the prosperity of the area. You can find details of when and where these events will be held here.

Anyone who lives or works in Mid Suffolk or Babergh was welcome to attend any of these events, and take the opportunity to discuss Our Future with officers and councillors at each of them.

Why do we need more housing? Read all about the Challenges we face, and the Opportunities it can bring, right here on our website:

If you've already had the chance to attend one of our events, you can leave your feedback via our online survey here.

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