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Make a claim

You can find out if you qualify for any Housing Benefit/Council Tax Reduction by using our calculator. You do not have to use the calculator to make an online claim, but if you do, the information you have already entered into Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction Calculator will automatically be saved into your online claim. Or you can claim Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction online right now.

 Online Claim Form

You can: 

  • Complete the form online and submit it to us immediately;
  • Partially complete and save the form, and return to it at any time

Remember that your claim will usually start from the Monday after we receive it, so if you think you may be entitled, submit your claim as soon as you can. If you want to claim from an earlier date see our Backdating page

When you submit your claim, you will be told what evidence you need to supply. You can upload evidence online

 Evidence Submission form

Or you can bring the evidence to our offices or post it to us. All evidence supplied will be copied and returned to you.

Home Visits

If you cannot easily get to the office due to mobility or other problems we may be able to visit you at home. Email the Visiting Team to request your visit 

Or Contact our Visiting Team 


The legal authorisation which allows the Council to accept electronic claims can be found below:

Babergh District Council 

Mid Suffolk District Council