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Delivering a Vision for Prosperity for Stowmarket

It’s YOUR area and YOUR future, so come along and have your say.

You can keep up to date by following our Social Media Twitter page at #VFPStowmarket

As the main towns in Mid Suffolk district, Stowmarket is potentially facing a new era of large-scale growth and development in the forthcoming Joint Local Plan. Our Members are committed to ensuring that the views of local residents, businesses and interest groups form part of the decision-making journey, for the Greater Stowmarket area, focusing minds, and priorities for an aligned vision.

As such we are preparing a document called Delivering a Vision for Prosperity for each of this area, which is intended to establish:

  • a high-level aspiration, setting out the community’s key desires and wishes for the town they would like to live and work in;
  • the priorities for the town – setting out the main targets, goals and achievements to focus limited resources;
  • a delivery plan that identifies the intended key projects and action points, and sets out who will be responsible for their implementation, and when.

Stowmarket has a large sphere of influence as it is the major social and economic hub for the district.  The “Greater” catchment encompasses the surrounding villages so we would warmly encourage people from Haughley, Woolpit, Elmswell, Needham Market, Great Blakenham, and the many other communities that have an interest in their nearby town to get involved.

The purpose of this visioning process is to provide an opportunity for the local community, businesses and organisations to:

  • Understand the current projects, plans and strategies that are already shaping their place – seeing that this is not new, just one point along the town’s timeline of growth.
  • Set out what they would like to see in the future, commenting on development, service delivery and important issues.
  • Reflect upon and share what they would like their town to become in the context of the benefits and opportunities that growth may bring.
  • Unite behind the strategic, high level coordinated vision for the improvement of their area

Of course, this is not just the remit of the District Council – it is a collaborative approach that involves many organisations and partners, such as Parish and Town Councils, community and voluntary organisations, local interest groups, businesses and Government departments. But mainly it’s about the people who live and work in and around Stowmarket. That includes YOU!

On 4th October 2017, hundreds of people dropped in to the United Reformed Church to see the VFP display and talk through their issues with the representatives from lots of key local bodies.  Thousands of comments were left and we will be working our way through these to produce a summary.  In the meantime, the display material can be seen by opening the links below.  Anyone who has additional comments to make can do so via email to


Please Note: The Councils are also consulting on a new Joint Local Plan which together with Delivering a Vision for Prosperity will shape growth over the next 20 years. Further details about the Joint Local Plan are available on this website, or on Twitter at #bmsdcjointlocalplan.