Following a publication made by the Mid Suffolk Green Party on their website in October 2015 headed “Officers at Mid Suffolk District Council are stifling important democratic discussion and ignoring Council constitution and protocols”, the former Chief Executive and Leader of Mid Suffolk District Council appointed an independent investigator to look into matters raised.

Current leader, Councillor Nick Gowrley said “It is reassuring the independent investigation concluded that the suggestion that Officers are stifling important democratic discussion and ignoring Council constitution and protocols could not be substantiated.

The Investigator also found that although there may have been a couple of occasions upon which the constitution may not have been followed, Officers of the Council generally operate within the Council's constitution and protocols and seek to serve all members from all political parties on an equal footing. There is no evidence to show a deliberate attempt by Officers to prevent opposition Councillors more generally from inputting into Council policy and discussing and debating issues at Council meetings, workshops or informal briefing meetings.

The recommendations of the investigation are appropriate and fair and the outcomes of the investigation are already being discussed at the ongoing Strengthening Governance Review”.

Mid Suffolk Green Party leader Andrew Stringer said “ If there was any misunderstanding arising from our original statement then we unreservedly apologise, this whole process has taken far too long, and should have been resolved by open discussion at the time”

“ I personally have a very good working relationship with the Leader of our Council”

“We also welcome the clarity around Members being denied access to certain council information, which they should have had”  

“We as a group are pleased to see that some of the issues raised are informing the current governance review, and lessons will be learnt, and hope this review will continue in the open and transparent way it has started”

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