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Compliment, Comment or Complaints

Paying a Compliment

Compliments or suggestions allow us to provide the service that we want to you.

We would be pleased to hear from you if one of our teams has provided you with a service that has pleased you. Please do not hesitate to e-mail, write or telephone us so that we can pass the compliment or suggestion onto the service or staff concerned, or use the form available by clicking here.

Making a Comment

Comments or suggestions allow us to review the service we provide, and to ensure the service is meeting your needs, they give us an idea on how we might be able to improve services, save money and provide you with better information.

Your comments can be about any of the services that we provide, and may be a best way to feed back to us your thoughts.  In the first instance you may just want to telephone us (01473 826622) write to us (there is no need to use the form to begin with) or e-mail comments@babergh.gov.uk.

Making a Complaint

Don't be afraid to complain 

  • You have a right to expect good quality services from us. You should always be treated fairly and courteously, to receive a reply within a reasonable time and to have any promises and procedures kept to. If for any reason you feel we have let you down, we want to know about it.  We cannot try to put the matter right until you tell us what the problem is.  The information you provide enables us to identify mistakes and ensure that they do not happen again.
  • It also helps us monitor in a very effective way what our customers think of us and our services.  We can learn about what you feel is important and how we can give you the services you want.

For the purposes of this procedure, a complaint is defined as:

 “Any expression of dissatisfaction or concern about the way in which a service is provided, the standard of that service or lack of action on the part of the Council or its employees

On a quarterly basis an analysis of complaints received, outcomes achieved and actions taken is reported to senior managers and members

How do you make a complaint? 

If you think we have made a mistake, then in the first instance we would suggest that you just telephone (01473 826622) or write to us – there is no need to use this form to begin with.  Simply pick up the telephone, e-mail complaints@babergh.gov.uk or write a short letter. 

If you feel your concern should be considered more formally or these usual channels of communication have left you dissatisfied, that’s when you should use an official Complaints form.  An On-line version is available here you can also e-mail complaints@babergh.gov.uk or write us a letter and send it to the address on the left hand side of this page. 

The sort of things you may wish to complain about are:-

  • Have we been unfair?
  • Have we not given you an adequate reason for a decision?
  • Did our staff deal with you discourteously?
  • Length of delay to receive service requested.
  • Did we not follow the right procedures? 

Are you a Parish/Town Council? The Ombudsman is unable to investigate complaints made by “an authority constituted for the purposes of the public service”.  This effectively means that the ombudsman will not accept or investigate complaints from Town or Parish Councils, as an alternative the Parish/Town Council/Councillor may assist a group of individuals to make a complaint jointly if they have been affected together

Please Note – The Complaints Procedure cannot be used to complain about the merits of a formal decision taken by Councillors at Official meetings of the Council.

For complaints about Councillors at District, Town or Parish level then please follow the attached link 


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