We are committed to delivering the best service possible to our Customers and our standards reflect our wish to provide you with that.

What you can expect from us

 When you contact us, we will:

-       Deal with your query in a professional manner;

-       Treat you as an individual, with respect and take into account your needs;

-       Work with you to do everything we reasonably can to resolve your query.

 When we are dealing with your query:

-       We will keep you informed of the progress;

-       If we are unable to resolve your query, and need to pass it on to someone else, we will let you know and give you their contact details if available.

 When you visit us we will ensure:

-       we deal with your initial enquiry as soon as possible and let you know of any delays

-       we offer you a private interview room if required

 When you call us we will:

-       Answer your call promptly;

-       Aim to call you back, as soon as is practically possible, if you leave a message;

-       Give you a contact name and phone number if you need to call us back.

  If you write to us (letter, Fax, E-mail, online-forms or Text):

-       We will acknowledge receipt and aim to give you a full answer to your query/question as soon as possible. If an investigation is required, that would take longer; we will confirm with you a timeframe when to expect a response.

What we would ask of you:


-       That you treat our staff politely and with respect – we will not tolerate abuse, physical or verbal, against our staff.  If you are abusive we will terminate the telephone calls or ask you to leave the premises.

-       That you are not abusive in any written communication, if you are we will not respond to your communication.

-       Work with us in a spirit of co-operation and provide us with as much information as possible to help us to help you resolve your query in a timely way;

-       Let us know the best way to communicate with you and anything we should consider when getting in touch with you to make it as easy as possible;

-       Give us as much information as possible to ensure that we can deal with you question / query or transaction as efficiently as possible;

-       If you have a good or bad experience with us, please let us know so that we can pass on the compliment or comment in order to work to improve our service;

-       Give us your contact information; Name, Phone number, E-mail address and any relevant reference number etc. so that we can contact you if necessary.

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