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Council Land

We have a computerised system of ordnance survey maps showing the boundaries of the land that we own and or maintain including Visually Important Open space; Amenity land and Grass verges.  The Council does not maintain the public highway or footpaths as this is carried out by Suffolk County Council.

The land section can assist with enquires for :-

Permission To Enter / Use Council Owned Land

- Enquiries by Utility companies

- Vehicular/pedestrian access

- Parking

- Events

Availability Of Council Land For Sale

- Small parcels of land mostly garden severances

- Residential building plots – these are periodically available and sold through an estate agent.


- Usually for land which may be required by the Council at a later stage

We can only assist with enquiries for land we own or may have sold.   For all other enquires please refer to the Land Registry by telephoning 01482 223244 to obtain their relevant enquiry form.


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