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Developer Contributions in Mid Suffolk - Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) & s106

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a new, fixed rate payment that councils can charge on new buildings in their area to off-set the impacts of additional homes and businesses on facilities such as roads, schools, open space and health centres (infrastructure) and to enable sustainable growth. Section 106 legal agreements will be used alongside CIL to secure on-site infrastructure and things that are not infrastructure, such as affordable housing.

Mid Suffolk District Council adopted a CIL Charging Schedule on 21st JANUARY 2016. We charge CIL on all relevant planning permissions granted and all relevant permitted developments started from 11th APRIL 2016.

 We have just made our first Neighbourhood CIL Payments.  Click on CIL reporting to the left of this page to view the latest reports.

This diagram reflects the basic process, but other applications such as permitted development may follow a different process .  Additional guidance can be found in our frequently asked questions section and on government websites such as the planning portal.  A copy of the above diagram can be downloaded here.

These CIL pages contain guidance and information on the operation of CIL after adoption. You can find the pre-adoption information and technical background documents on our Planning Policy pages.

Our Quick Guide to CIL gives an overview of the whole CIL process and what you need to do. You can find more detailed guidance on each part of the process in the FAQs below and the other pages in this service listed on the left.

TELL ME MORE: Click here to read our Quick Guide to CIL

APPLICATION FORMS: Click here to access the Planning Portal for more information on CIL and to find the CIL application forms (scroll to the bottom of the page)

TECHNICAL INFO: You can find CIL background and evidence documents including our Charging Schedule, Infrastructure Delivery Plan and Examination evidence documents on the CIL evidence page on the left hand side.



Click here to view the MSDC Charging Schedule 2016

Click here to view our How to calculate your CIL charge guidance.

Click here to view our Lawful in-use buildings guidance

Click here to view our instalments policy

Click here to view our 123 list.

Click here to Pay your CIL or S106 charge

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