This page will focus on the SnOasis Reserved Matters application 4494/16 process from registration to determination and will be kept updated where appropriate to inform residents and other interested parties of key information and where we are with the key stages as we move forward. This web page is intended to supplement the regulatory information which can be found on the Council’s planning pages, it doesn’t seek to replace this and for key information people are advised to examine the documents available online (see links below and in the 'documents' tab of the planning search page).

Update - Wednesday 16 November 2016:

Application Submission

(Reserved Matters, Phases 1-8)

The application has now been registered for the submission of outstanding or ‘reserved’ matters following the granting of an application (1969/10, 2011) for the extension of time for the implementation of SnOasis: a ski centre, holiday resort, centre of winter sports excellence, leisure and associated uses and related on and off site infrastructure (originally permitted by the Secretary of State in 2008 under outline planning permission OL/100/04).

A ‘Reserved Matters’ application deals with some or all of the outstanding details of the outline application proposal, including:

  • Appearance - aspects of a building or space which affect the way it looks, including the exterior of the development.
  • Landscaping - the improvement or protection of the amenities of the site and the area and the surrounding area, this could include the planting of trees or hedges.
  • Layout - includes buildings, routes and open spaces within the development and the way they are laid out in relation to buildings and spaces outside the development.
  • Scale - includes information on the size of the development, including the height, width and length of proposed buildings and structures or other features.

The submission comprises details pursuant to the discharge of eight ‘phases’ relating to the development as conditioned in the 2011 permission, being:

Phase 1 - Details of the ecological mitigation - to include earth stripping and creation of the ponds in preparation for the relocation of newts;

Phase 2 - Details of civils [engineering works], drainage and structural landscaping;

Phase 3 - Details of the siting, design and external appearance, of the ski dome, associated car parking and any hard and soft landscaping;

Phase 4 - Details of the siting, design and external appearance, of the entertainment dome, and any hard and soft landscaping;

Phase 5 - Details of the siting, design and external appearance of the hotel, car park, apartments and retail units together with any hard and soft landscaping;

Phase 6 - Details of the siting, design and external appearance of the sports academy, hostel and car park together with any hard and soft landscaping;

Phase 7 - Details of the siting, design and external appearance of the ice rink, conference and exhibition centre together with any hard and soft landscaping;

Phase 8 - Details of the siting, design and external appearance of the log cabins and clubhouse together with any hard and soft landscaping.

The application and associated documents can be viewed on the Council’s planning web site by following this link 4494/16 and at the Council’s offices in Needham Market. A link to the submitted documents is directly available here 4494/16

Application Process

Notwithstanding this webpage, notification of the application will take place in line with the usual regulatory requirements and the Council’s normal procedures. A copy of the application will also be sent to the immediate Parish Councils and site notices will be placed at various locations around the site. An extensive consultation exercise will also be undertaken with statutory consultees who will provide guidance and advice to the case officer.

Anyone is able to write to the Council to express views about the planning application, even if they have not been formally notified of it.

Given the scale and nature of the proposal, the application will be referred to the Council’s Development Committee for determination. A recommendation will be made to the Committee by the case officer having had regard to the National Planning Policy Framework, the Development Plan, the consultation responses and all other material planning considerations including matters raised in letters of representation. The final decision will rest with the Committee. Members of the public are allowed to address the committee. The procedure for speaking at Committee can be viewed on the following page: Public Speaking at Committee. 

It is anticipated that further details will be supplied by applicant to support this application in due course; any such details received will be acknowledged here on the website and will also be subject to further public consultation exercises as may be required.

Where an Environmental Statement is required to support the application, to be submitted in due course, the application has a recommended determination period of 16 weeks. On that basis it is unlikely that a decision will be made prior to March/April 2017.

Where we are now in the Application process and how are comments made?

Consultation is now underway. The consultation period has been extended from the normal 21 day period to 35 days for representations to be received. Comments can be made in writing or online (link to planning application consultation online). You will need to register to be able to comment.

Due to the volume of comments and letters received by the planning department we are unable to acknowledge these individually. Please also note that it is not possible for the case officer to enter into any correspondence regarding this application and so comments should be made in writing or online.

We would appreciate it if you can comment on the website, using this link.

You need to know that this is a public website and your comments will be seen by everyone; please make sure that your comments are relevant and not defamatory or offensive, because you remain personally and legally responsible for them. We reserve the right to remove from this website the entirety of any comment which contains any words which are or may be defamatory or offensive. Your comments should not contain your or anyone else’s name, signature, address or any contact details as they will be published.

Guidance Notes - How to search, track or comment on an application.

Please see guidance notes on how to comment and use the website on the following link: Website Guidance Notes (PDF, 618KB)

Alternatively, comments can be submitted as follows:



Mr Steven Stroud - Senior Planning Officer,

Mid Suffolk District Council,

131 High Street,

Needham Market,

Ipswich IP6 8DL


The ‘SnOasis’ scheme has a long and complex planning history and relates to the redevelopment of ex-quarry land amounting to some 120Ha, to the north-west of Ipswich; where the applicant sought permission for the creation of a ski centre, holiday resort, centre of winter sports excellence, leisure and associated uses and related on and off site infrastructure in addition to proposals for housing and a new railway station.

Following a public inquiry, the Secretary of State granted outline planning permission in 2008. Subsequently, the applicant applied to extend the life of the outline permission and this application was approved in 2011.

Relevant background information relating to this includes:

(Outline planning permission 0100/04)  - SnOasis
(Outline planning permission 2326/05)  - Housing Site
(Reserved matters 3489/09)  - Housing Site 
(Reserved matters 0151/11)  - Housing Site
(Outline planning permission 0376/06) - Railway Station
(Full Planning Permission 3064/10)  - Railway Station

(Planning Application 1969/10) - Extension to time limits of Outline SnOasis permission

For further details or information please contact:

Steven Stroud/Rebecca Biggs/Michelle Windsor or 01449 724546.


Website Guidance Notes (PDF, 618KB)

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