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Popular Reasons For Invalid Applications

Popular reasons for applications failing validity tests that should be avoided:

  1. The red line on location plan (showing where the site is) is missing or wrong
  2. The Block plan is missing or incorrect
  3. The Ownership certificate has not been completed properly
  4. The Agricultural holding certificate has not been completed properly (or at all!)
  5. A design and access statement has not been submitted
  6. The existing elevations are not correct or have not been submitted
  7. The proposed elevations are not correct or have not been submitted
  8. The wrong form has been completed
  9. The fee has not been paid
  10. Individual questions on the application forms have not been completed
  11. The proposed roof plans and or floor plans are not correct or have not been submitted

Please note it is quicker for the Council to deal with A4 and A3 Paper sizes, while larger formats can be handled there may be a delay as these will need to go through our print room.  Also if your application needs to be presented to Planning Committee reduction of large formats to a PowerPoint presentation may reduce the quality of the drawing. 

It is also useful to have different aspects of the proposal on separate plans.  For example the location plan, elevations and block plan being separate drawings and not combined onto one plan.  This allows the drawings to be separately recorded by the online system and able to be found by interested parties easily.   

Key dimensions means, no matter how the plan is viewed, via desktop, tablet, mobile or reprinted, others including neighbours and councillors can understand the proposal more.