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Pre Application Charges

For planning, listed building and related matters you can request written advice, an office meeting or on-site appointment with an officer using the form below. 

Pre Planning enquiry form

The schedule setting out the fees is set out in the link below:

Link to pre-application fee schedule

There are various options available for you to select, a written response, a meeting, or an on-site appointment.  Please note not all of these options are available, but depend upon the scale of your proposal, see the fee schedule for confirmation.  Additional options are available for a further charge, Suffolk County Council Highways and Floods, our Heritage Department, and Ecological and Landscape advice (availability based on level and type of development).  

A excel based calculator for fees has been designed in addition to the schedule and is included below for use and guidance.   

Pre application charge excel calculator

Please note, if you save this to you computer it will not be automatically updated.