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Neighbourhood Planning

To date, four Neighbourhood Plans have been ‘made’ (adopted) across Babergh and Mid Suffolk - in East Bergholt, Lavenham, Lawshall and Mendlesham. At least twenty other parishes are currently preparing their plan. To find out more about any of these, use the relevant green tiles further down this page.

The Localism Act 2011 introduced a range of new rights and powers to allow communities to improve the places where they live and work. One of these rights was Neighbourhood Planning.

Neighbourhood Plans should set out a positive vision for how the plan area can develop in ways that meet identified local need. This could include allocating new sites for development. Unlike the more traditional type of plan or statement produced by town or parish councils a successful Neighbourhood Plan has statutory weight and status, it will become part of the districts ‘development plan’ and it will be used when deciding planning applications within the designated area., 

To help decide if this type of ‘plan’ is right for your community there is a helpful video guide on the My Community website.

Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils have also published the following:  

Other useful online resources include:

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