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Botesdale and Rickinghall Neighbourhood Plan

Botesdale and Rickinghall Parish Council's have agreed to work together to prepare a joint Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP). When complete, the Plan may:

  • contain planning policies for the development and use of land;
  • allocate sites within the parish for new homes, employment and community land uses;
  • provide further guidance on the appearance and design of any new buildings

Progress to date ...

Stage 1. Area Designation Consultation (15 Mar - 28 Apr 2017)

As the qualifying body, Rickinghall Parish Council have applied to Mid Suffolk to designate the Neighbourhood Plan Area. The application, proposed area map and our Public Notice can be viewed below:

Area Designation Application

Neighbourhood Plan Map (The area proposed covers the parishes of Rickinghall Inferior, Rickinghall Superior, and the parish of Botesdale)

Public Notice

We are now seeking views on whether the area proposed is appropriate or not. The consultation period runs from Wed 15 March 2017 until 4:00pm on Fri 28 April 2017.

Comments should be submitted by e-mail to: Community Planning Team

A final decision, based on the responses received, will be made in due course. If successful, a 'Designation Notice' will be issued and the Parish Council will be able to progress their Plan.