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Community Safety

Mid Suffolk is one of the safest places to live. You can find information on what we, the local district council, as well as our partners are doing to help keep Mid Suffolk safe.

We look at the physical and social aspects of safety, and seek to support charities, local community groups and other organisations who also work towards this goal. As part of Mid Suffolk's commitment to community safety work we want to understand your experiences of crime and anti-social behaviour. We want this information so we can improve the services that the Council and the Police put in place by identifying the issues of most importance to local people. Please visit the Community Voice Website to let us know what is happening in your area.

Mid Suffolk District Council is a statutory partner within the Western Suffolk Community Safety Partnership where issues such as night time economy, vehicle safety, violence against a person, anti-social behaviour and burglary are addressed through effective partnership working.

Further information about the work we are involved in, including the Crucial Crew, Fearless, Community Voice and the development of various other strategies are available on these pages.

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