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The Big Lunch 2013 - Get Involved

Street parties are an excellent way to bring a sense of community to your area.

You may wish to hold a street party with your neighbours just to get to know them better or to celebrate an event such as the Big Lunch.

The Department of Communities and Local Government has produced a simple guide to help you plan and organise a street party. This can be found below under our Downloads menu. 

There are a few things you must consider whilst planning for your street party: 

Street closures

You may need to apply for a temporary street closure for your event.  For further information on temporary road closures, please contact Suffolk County Council (opens new window) who are co-ordinating temporary road closures for Jubilee Celebrations. 

Additional Licences

Street Fairs and Parties (for example Jubilee or Olympics related celebratory community events) may require a Temporary Event Notice or time-limited Premises Licence, if licensable activities are involved. Central Government has issued further information for organisers of street fairs and parties - clicking on the link below will give you access to this information:

Your guide to organising a street party

If you need further advice regarding licences, please contact our Licensing Department, telephone: 01449 724685 or email: licensing@midsuffolk.gov.uk

Further information and ideas

The Big Lunch website (opens new window) has a range of tips and ideas on how to hold a successful party.  You can also request a FREE organisational pack with everything you will need to host your own party. 

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