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 What is benefit fraud?

When people knowingly withhold information, give false information or deliberately fail to report a change in their circumstances, they are committing benefit fraud. Benefit fraud is theft, and people who commit benefit fraud are breaking the law.


Benefit cheats cost you money!

Benefit fraud costs the average tax-payer £70 a year. Nationally, this is in excess of £1.5 billion. The Council has a duty to ensure that benefit payments are made only to those actually entitled to receive them.

The investigation service will investigate claims that they suspect to be fraudulent. The penalties for benefit fraud can be severe and include fines and imprisonment; any overpaid benefit will need to be repaid.

Countering fraud is everyone's responsibility. Local communities often know who these people are. You can provide information in complete confidence about anyone you suspect is cheating the benefit system.

Examples of fraud include:

  • Not telling us about work you are doing
  • Not telling us about changes in your savings
  • Not telling us when your partner moves in
  • Not telling us about other changes in your income or household
  • Landlord fraud, for example, if a landlord fails to tell us their tenant has moved out


Can I report a fraud anonymously?

Yes you can.


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