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Change the name of a property

If a property is named rather than given a number, the owner may wish to change the name to something that they prefer.

The Council is willing to support reasonable requests.

It is essential that any changes made are agreed with the local authority, to ensure all necessary parties can be told of any changes.

Where the property already has a street number and you wish to add a name to the address, please contact us before making an application.

An application is necessary to make sure that the official address details are properly updated.

If no application is made, the local authority may need the registered name (which is held on file) to be displayed.

What is needed for an application to be made?

property name change application along with the fee must be submitted to the council. 

Alternatively you can print, fill out and post to us a property name change form (PDF document) 

We ask that you offer other options as well as your first choice new name. If an alternative name is noted on the form, we will carry on the application with the alternative (should your first choice not be accepted).

Once we receive an application, we will check the proposed property name in the area and the town or parish.

If the name is acceptable and there is not one similar in the area, we will record the change and advise all the necessary parties. If the name(s) is not accepted, we will ask for alternatives.

To help you check if there are properties in your area with the same or similar name to that proposed, you can use the Royal Mail Postcode Finder.


The fee for an application is £100 per request and is zero VAT rated.

The application charge is to be submitted at the same time as the application. Where the charge is not received, the application will not be registered and the form will be sent back to the applicant.

Further information

For more information please read our guides, email our Address Management team or phone 01449 724510

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