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Home > Building Control > Street Naming and Numbering > Replacement or changes to street signs

Replacement or changes to street signs


Requests for changes to street name signs are to be made to Babergh District Council who will consider the request and arrange for the change to be made.

Requests will only be considered from a parish/town council where they commit to pay for the changes to the sign.

New signs may also be requested by the town or parish council, these must be paid in full by the requesting council.

If you are a resident of a street and feel that the sign on the street requires an alteration or an additional sign is required then contact must first be made to the town or parish council.

To request a change to or an additional sign an application is required to the council who will consider the request.

Applications will only be considered from a parish or town council.

Change to or Additional Sign application

Upon receipt the Street Naming and Numbering Service will review the request and make a decision as to what action will be taken.

Where it is decided the sign is to be replaced or a new sign provided, details and costing will be confirmed to the requesting town or parish council for approval and the alteration or additional sign will be ordered.

The Parish/Town council will be invoiced for the supply and installation costs, however the district does not make a charge for the administration costs involved in arranging for changes to or providing additional street name signs.


Further Information

For further information please contact us. You can also email us directly if you wish.