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To report a damaged or missing street sign


Maintaining a good standard of street name plates is important to ensure that all road-users can locate property effectively. Babergh District Council is the authority responsible for ensuring that street name signs within the district are of a good standard.

The Street Naming and Numbering Service relies on residents of streets and the Councils representing parishes or towns to assist in the maintenance of street name signs by reporting problems with street name signage where possible.

When a report is received by the service, the situation will be investigated by a surveyor and appropriate action will be taken. In some circumstances this may require a replacement street sign dependant upon any recommendation and evidence provided by the surveyor.

Anyone can report a problem about a Street Name Sign. Email Address Management stating clearly:

  • The parish or town in which the sign is located
  • The name of the road on which the sign is/was located
  • The text contained upon the sign
  • What is wrong with the sign
  • Any additional information

The service will review the report and send a surveyor to investigate and take appropriate action to remedy the problem.

Further Information

For further information please email Address Management or contact us using our web form.