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To report a damaged or missing street sign

It's important to keep street names plates up to a good standard to make sure that all road users can easily find a property. Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils are responsible for making sure that street name signs in the district are of a good standard.

The Street Naming and Numbering Service relies on street residents and parish/town councils to report problems with street name signs.

When a report is received by the service, the site will be visited by a surveyor and where necessary, action will be taken. This may mean a new street sign but depends on the advice and report details provided by the surveyor.

Anyone can report an issue with a Street Name Sign. Email Address Management with the following information:

  • The parish or town in which the sign is sited
  • The name of the road on which the sign is/was placed
  • The text on the sign
  • What is wrong with the sign
  • Any other information that may be useful

Further Information

For further information please email Address Management or contact us using our web form.