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Hamilton Road Quarter Regeneration

The Sudbury Steering Group gathered feedback on the preferred option for improving Sudbury Bus Station at a public exhibition held during the first part of July 2015. Members of the Public were also able to submit their comments via an online survey, the closing date for which was Friday 17th July.


The Hamilton Road Quarter, along with Belle Vue and Market Hill, is part of the Sudbury Steering Group’s initial focus. It is the largest town centre regeneration site in the area and currently houses the tired Bus Station and associated facilities, as well as a large area of derelict undeveloped land. The site has the potential to deliver a mix of uses to regenerate the area and support economic growth in Sudbury, which is a key priority for the Steering Group and Local Authorities.

Our Key Objectives in the regeneration of the Hamilton Road Quarter are:

  • To develop a scheme which is commercially viable and capable of delivery.
  • To ensure Sudbury is an accessible and sustainable vibrant centre.
  • To provide economic growth and employment in the area.
  • To provide an efficient and attractive bus service for users and operators.
  • To ensure the bus station arrangements are able to meet the growth of Sudbury and surrounding areas.
  • To make the area more attractive and inviting.
  • To ensure links from the rail station and car parks in this part of the town are enhanced.
  • To improve the pedestrian flow to provide a clearer connection to the town centre.

The site is covered by Local Plan Policy SD06 and supporting planning document providing a broad framework for regeneration.

Improving Sudbury Bus Station

Seven options for providing a new Bus Station in Sudbury were considered. 

The Steering Group considered a technical assessment alongside the impact of the options on opportunities for regeneration of the Hamilton Road area, the opportunities for developing the bus sites to accommodate future growth and wider impact such as loss of parking.

While recognising there is no ideal solution, the Steering Group considers that the Split Location Option (below), located on Great Eastern Road and on Girling Street, provides the most advantages to both the regeneration site and the Bus Station.

For a larger view

It can also be delivered as a phased development in advance of the redevelopment in Hamilton Road minimising disruption to bus services during the regeneration of the Hamilton Road Quarter. It would demonstrate to potential developers the serious intent of the District Council for this area.

  • Within 200m of town centre
  • Good access to the town centre from two points, North Street & King Street
  • Retains good access to the rail station and leisure centre
  • Minor impact on land available for regeneration
  • Would require works to the wider highway network
  • Some loss of off-street parking

Have Your Say: Sudbury Bus Station (Closed: Friday 17th July 2015)

Members of the Public were invited to attend an exhibition of the plans, hosted by Sudbury Heritage Centre & Museum, between the 2nd and 17th July 2015, to attend one of a number of associated events, and to submit their comments for consideration by the Steering Group. The latter included the option of taking part online via Survey Monkey