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Hadleigh Steering Group

The Hadleigh Steering Group was formed in January 2014 - initially as a pilot scheme to help bring co-ordination, leadership and greater consensus to the many opportunities and issues that will contribute to the growth development and sustainability of Hadleigh as a vibrant and important local centre. The Group provides a focal point for public bodies, the Town Council, business and others to be able to develop plans, take soundings, receive recommendations to ensure progress is more expedient in the future.

Although not having decision making powers, the Steering Group can play a valuable part of the decision making process by adding value through its co-ordination and leadership role. As opportunities come forward (through a variety of mechanisms and organisations) they will be channelled through the Steering Group for a focussed approach to gathering and shaping views.

A full list of 2015 Meeting Dates will be published as soon as possible. Unless stated otherwise, all meetings take place at Hadleigh Pool & Leisure Centre (See Agenda for start time).

6th July 2015 - Agenda Note: This meeting is taking place at Hadleigh Town Hall (4:15pm start)

16th March 2015 - Meeting cancelled

16th Feb 2015 - Agenda & 2014 Report of Activities (Minutes to follow)

12th Jan 2015 - Meeting cancelled

8th Dec 2014 - Agenda  (Minutes to follow)

10th Nov 2014 - Agenda & Minutes 

13th Oct 2014 - Agenda & Minutes 

15th Sept 2014 - Agenda & Minutes 

4th Aug 2014 - Agenda & Minutes  (Includes presentation to HSG by Haverhill One)

9th June 2014 - Agenda & Minutes  (Includes presentation to HSG by South Suffolk Leisure)

12th May 2014 - Agenda & Minutes 

14th April 2014 - Agenda & Minutes  (Includes presentation to HSG by Ingham Pinnock Associates) 

3rd March 2014 - Agenda & Minutes 

10th Feb 2014 - Agenda & Minutes 

6th Jan 2014 - Agenda & Minutes