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Sudbury Steering Group

Meeting information from the Sudbury Steering Group (refreshed in 2019)

The Sudbury Steering Group was formed in June 2012 - initially as a pilot scheme to help bring co-ordination, leadership and greater consensus to the many opportunities and issues that will contribute to the growth development and sustainability of Sudbury as a vibrant and important local centre.

The Group was dormant between 2016 and late 2018 but reformed in support of the Vision for Prosperity programme and to steer the new officer delivery group.

Although not having decision making powers, the Steering Group is now recognised as a key part of decision making process by adding value through its co-ordination and leadership role. As opportunities come forward, mainly from the Vision for Prosperity programme which has had significant and ongoing stakeholder and public engagement, they will be channelled through the Steering Group for a focused approach to gathering and shaping views.

The 2019 refreshed group has reduced core members with less public sector representation and increased business involvement. The terms of reference (below) enable other groups, stakeholders and specialists to come into the group to add value and expertise as individual items may require.

Meetings will be a mixture of public meetings and SSG workshops, and take place normally once every two months (usually at the Town Hall in Sudbury). Regular update reports from the Steering Group will also be submitted through the town council meetings.

Next meeting: October 2019 (date and time to be confirmed)

2019 Agendas and Meeting Notes