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Food-borne illness

The Food and Safety team are automatically informed of cases of food- borne illness which have been diagnosed by a GP or a hospital. You do not need to notify us.

Officers will normally then contact and/or arrange to visit the sufferer to ask them some questions about their illness, what they have eaten and so on. The aims of this are to try and find out the source of the infection and also to prevent the spread of the infection to others.

For more information on food poisoning the NHS website can provide up to date help and advise.

Information on common types of food-borne illness:

Public Health England (PHE)

 The PHE's role is to protect and improve the nation's health and well being.

Food Standards Agency (FSA)

The Food Standards Agency's consumer advice and information site, packed with reliable and practical advice about healthy eating, understanding food labels and how what we eat can affect our health.

Please contact us if you wish to report illnesses connected with food.

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