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Food hygiene rating rescoring

A rescore visit of a food business can take place once the following points have been addressed:

  • The issues raised in the inspection report have been addressed
  • A fee of £180 has been paid (this is to cover the cost of the rescore visit)

You can ask for as many visits as you like, but you will have to pay for each visit.

Once a request has been made and paid for, an unannounced visit will be made.

Please note that the rescore visit will review all matters related to the production of food. If new issues are found, then the score may stay the same or be lowered.  

Your new score will be displayed on the food hygiene rating scheme website within 21 days.

To request a rescore visit, please complete the online application form. Make sure you read and understand the terms and conditions before completing it.

Apply for a rescore visit

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