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Food hygiene rating rescoring

As the food business operator of the establishment, if you make the improvements to hygiene standards that are highlighted in your inspection report, you can request a re-scoring visit with a view to giving you a new and higher food hygiene rating.  This will be delivered in accordance with Section 8 of the Brand Standard.

There is a charge of £105 to cover the cost of carrying out the re-scoring visit for re-rating purposes.

There is no limit to the number of re-scoring visits you may request.  However, to avoid paying for multiple revisits you should address matters on the report before you submit a request.  An unannounced visit will be made after receipt of your application.

Let us remind you that the re-score visit will review your entire systems; if new problems are found it is possible that the score may stay the same or be lowered.

Your new score will be displayed on the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme website within 21 days.

To make a request for a re-visit please complete the on-line application form, ensuring you understand the terms and conditions.

Apply for a Re-score