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Document library guidance, advice and assistance

The Licensing Team has produced the following documents for guidance and information. Please click on the relevant link to access the information your require.

Guidance on Licensing Act 2003 including April 2017 changes guidance alcohol-licensing

Contact details and service addresses for Responsible Authorities - All the contact addresses (including email and telephone) for correctly serving your application. Also includes a 'Top Tips' guide for preparing your application.

Temporary Event Notices - A standard Temporary Event Notice (TEN) must by law be received by the Licensing Team, Environmental Protection (also Babergh) and the Police a minimum of 10 working days before the event (not counting the day of the event or the day the notice is received). Please apply in good time to avoid disappointment as the Authority has no power to accept applications giving less notice. Saturdays, Sundays, Bank Holidays and Good Friday are NOT counted as working days. Failure to correctly serve your Notice - on the Licensing Authority, Environmental Team or Police - will invalidate it.

Personal Licence Guidance Pack
Details and guidance on what you need to apply for a personal licence.

Personal Licence Holder Fact Sheet
Important facts to remember once you hold a personal licence.

Personal Licence holder - notify a change of name or address

If you hold a personal licence, failure to notify a change of address or name change is normally an offence. Download this form to help you correctly notify relevant changes.

'Minor Variations' under the Licensing Act 2003 
A summary of the changes made to the law in July 2009 for the benefit of existing premises licence and club certificate holders. 'Minor' changes to licences may be made under these streamlined procedures but only where the licensing objectives would be unaffected.

Plans Guidance Document

Help with providing an acceptable and compliant plan of your premises with your application.

Fees for Licensing Act 2003 Applications and Notifications 
The fees for each type of licence or notice are set by Central Government. Payment by credit or debit card is acceptable - please contact the Licensing Team who will be happy to assist you pay by this method. Annual fees can also be paid by credit/debit card.

Community DPS Disapplication Guidance
Guide for managers of 'community premises' that sell alcohol on changes to the law allowing disapplication from usual DPS/personal licence conditions.

Community role in licence applications

If you require full details about a specific application in progress please contact the Licensing Team. Any relevant comments you make will be part of a public record, including your name and address, and you will be party to the public hearing (if a hearing is necessary). The press may attend/report contentious cases.

PRS for MUSIC Licensing
PRS licensing is separate from any permission obtained under the Licensing Act 2003, and is NOT administered by Babergh District Council. Please contact the Performing Rights Society via the link above to see if you need a PRS licence. Permission is normally required for any public performance of live or recorded music, and from radio/television broadcasts and online media.