Temporary event notices

It is recommended that you apply a minimum of 28 days before your event, irrespective of the minimum statutory notice. Please give as much detail as possible about your event, and include additional documentation/plans if available. If the Police or Environmental Health Office believe that allowing the premises to be used in accordance with the TEN will undermine the licensing objectives, they must give the premises user and the licensing authority an objection notice. Such cases might arise because of concerns about the scale, location, timing of the event or concerns about public nuisance. Objections to standard TENs may go on to a hearing. Objections to late TENs prohibit the licensable activities proposed without any hearing. Local residents or local businesses do not have any direct objection rights in relation to TENs.

Temporary Event Notices (TENs) - by numbers

  • Objection period (working days): 3
  • Maximum length for TEN (hours/days): 168 (7 days)
  • Aggregate limit per calendar annum (days): 26 (up until 31/12/2023)
  • Working days prior service: 10 (standard), 9-5 (late)
  • Personal limits (personal licence holder): 50, of which up to 10 may be 'late' TENS
  • Personal limits (non-personal licence holder): 5, of which up to 2 may be 'late' TENS
  • TENS total on one premises per calendar annum (days): 20 (up until 31/12/2023)
  • Number of persons on the premises for TEN: 499 max

Is there a deadline for giving a Temporary Event Notice?

Yes. To give a standard TENs Notice correctly you must by law give it to the relevant Authorities a minimum of 10 working days before the first day of the event (which does not include the first day of the event or day it is received by us). Please apply in good time otherwise you may jeopardise the licensable elements of your event.

Service addresses

The Notice-giver (an individual) must serve a copy of the form to three authorities which are:

  • Licensing Team, Babergh & Mid Suffolk District Councils, Endeavour House, 8 Russell Road, Ipswich IP1 2BX
  • Suffolk Constabulary, Police Licensing Team, Landmark House, 4 Egerton Road, IPSWICH IP1 5PF
  • Environmental Protection Team (TENS), Babergh & Mid Suffolk District Councils, Endeavour House, 8 Russell Road, Ipswich IP1 2BX

How do I make payment and what is the fee?

The fee to accompany the Notice remains £21. Without the fee an application is not complete so please pay promptly by cheque payable to either ‘Babergh District Council’ (for premises within the Babergh District) or ‘Mid Suffolk District Council’ (for premises within the Mid Suffolk District).

To pay by debit or credit card when giving a hard copy of the form, please contact the Licensing Team in the first instance.

Please note that cashier services and cash payment facilities at the Council Offices are no longer available. It is the Notice-giver's responsibility to ensure that payment is made promptly, and the Licensing Team can not chase individuals to seek payment. Non-payment will result in TENs not being processed and accordingly licensable events may not be authorised in time.

Who can object and what happens if they do?

If within 3 (three) working days of your Notice given the Police and/or Environmental Health have any concerns over your event, relating to any of the four licensing objectives, then they may either object to your notice or seek to mediate with you and the Notice proposal may be modified.  If agreement cannot be reached then a hearing may be necessary and your Notice may be rejected.  Members of the public are not able to object to TENs, but any previous complaints may influence whether the Police or Environmental Health object (for example on grounds of noise or disorder).

So I can give a 'late' TEN?

This can be used in limited circumstances, but we strongly recommend that you rely of the standard system.  The Police and/or Environmental Health may object if they have concerns and your event maybe jeopardised.  As there is no hearing for objections to late TENs you would simply be served with a Counter-Notice to prevent the licensable elements of the event from going ahead.

Can conditions be attached to a TEN?

Yes, in some circumstances.  If a premises is already licensed and there is an objection and hearing, a schedule of conditions may be carried forward from the permanent licence on to the TEN.  Only conditions relevant to the TEN activity would need to be carried forward.  Further, under the Licensing Act 2003 all TENs are given subject to a mandatory condition requiring that where the licensable activities involve the supply of alcohol, all such supplies must be made by or under the authority of the named premises user.  If there is a breach of this condition, the premises user and the individual making the supply in question would be liable to prosecution.

Temporary Event Notice 'form'

The Temporary Event Notice can either be downloaded by the link below or is available direct from the Licensing Team 

Temporary Event Notice (TEN) form 

You can also apply and pay for a Temporary Event Notice online, via the Councils online portal 

Apply Online - Temporary Event Notice form


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