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House to house collections

House to house collections of money, clothing or bric-a-brac are regulated by:

Is your organisation an 'exempt' charity?

National exemption orders are made under Section 3 of the House to House Collections Act 1939.

If your organisation is 'exempt' from obtaining a permit, it will be on the list that is available from the Cabinet Office.

Exempt organisations should still notify the Council of when and where they are collecting.

They do not require a permit; due to their 'exempt' status they are able to collect at any time of year.

Read the current list of exemption order holders

All other organisations

You will need to apply for a house to house collections permit.

How to apply

Apply online for a house to house collections permit

The permit

A permit is issued if your application is approved. 

Alongside your permit, you will also receive a certificate for The Stationery Office (TSO). 

This enables you to apply to TSO Publications Centre in Norwich, for the official badges and certificates that you will need for your collection and collectors.

After the collection

Within one month of the date of the collection you will need to submit an account form to us.

Babergh District Council

Account form, Babergh (house to house collections)

Mid Suffolk District Council

Account form, Mid Suffolk (house to house collections)

Right of appeal

If your application is refused you have a right of appeal to the Secretary of State, within 14 days of the refusal, at the following address:

Home Office (Active Community Unit), 3rd Floor, Allington Towers, Allington Street, London SE1 5EB

Contact us

For further information - or to request a hard copy of the application form and regulations - please contact us.

Phone the Licensing team on 0300 123 4000 (Option 6).

Email the Licensing team at licensingteam@baberghmidsuffolk.gov.uk.