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Gaming and gambling permits

Machines sited on fast food, takeaway and taxi waiting office type premises

From 01 August 2006 the Local Authority was NO LONGER able to issue lower-stake section 34 AWP (Amusements With Prizes) machine permits - more commonly known as 'fruit' or 'slot' machines - for premises such as fast food takeaways and taxi waiting offices. This was due to the legislative changes in respect of gaming machines permits brought in by the Gambling Act 2005. Existing permits on issue simply ran their course, and machines must by then have been removed from such premises

Gaming Machines on alcohol licensed premises

From 01 September 2007, the Gambling Act 2005 regulates the use of gaming machines on alcohol licensed premises, under the following arrangements:

(1)  Permits issued under section 34 of the Gaming Act 1968 (normally valid for 3 years) continued until the expiry date on the section 34 permit. Before the permit expired a conversion application should have been made to the Licensing Authority (cost £100) for a follow on new Gaming Machine Permit under the 2005 Act. Gaming Machine Permits are subject to an annual fee of £50, but no renewal papers are required.

(2) Premises holding a Licensing Act 2003 premises licence for selling alcohol for consumption ON the premises (without any requirement for sales to be ancillary to food) would be automatically entitled to up to 2 machines (category C or D only) by issuing a notification to the Licensing Authority. This notification costs £50 and lasts for the duration of the linked alcohol premises licence. No annual fee applies to such notifications.

(3) Qualifying alcohol ON-licensed premises may apply for a new Gaming Machine Permit any time after 01 September 2007 for any number of machines (cost £150 with £50 annual fee). Each application is assessed individually on merit, and applications may require a determination by elected councillors in some cases.

(4) All premises siting gaming machines will be subject to a social responsibility Code of Practice on the operation of Gaming Machines (Read the Gambling Commission's Codes of Practice)

(5) Gaming Machine Permits can be varied, transferred or there may be a change of name. Variation applications cost £100, whilst both transfers and name changes are subject to a £25 fee.

The fees payable for all types of permit application are set by central government regulations. Payment by credit or debit card is acceptable. Please contact the Licensing Team direct if you wish to pay by card. Cheque payments are payable to 'Babergh District Council'.

Application form and procedures

The Licensing Authority has produced a single application form to use for all types of Alcohol Licensed Premises Gaming Machine Permit processes. This means you can use the same form whether you are applying for a new permit, conversion, automatic notification, variation, transfer or name change. You will need to carefully read the notes at the end of the form before completing the relevant sections. The application form is available to download via the link below:

Application Form for Gaming Machine Permit 

The local adopted statement of procedure for Alcohol Licensed Gaming Machine Permit applications is available to view via the link below: