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Street Trading

Street Trading was not adopted within Mid Suffolk so there are no restrictions, but it is advisable to seek permission from the owner of the land before you begin to trade.

Babergh has adopted street trading and generally there are no restrictions on street trading from mobile stalls and vehicles in most (but not all) of the Babergh District - subject to compliance with general conditions in regard to road traffic, planning, and food safety laws. In unrestricted areas, traders should still seek permission from the local Highways Authority (normally Suffolk County Council) and the owner of the land before you begin to trade (the public highway includes verges, public footpaths, pavements, roads and bridleways). The local Police should also be advised, and the Police could move a trader on if they were causing any obstruction or nuisance.

Market Trading

For enquiries about trading on the Hadleigh Market, which is controlled by Babergh District Council, please contact the Economic Development Team at this link: Economic Development

The Sudbury Market is controlled by Sudbury Town Council (not Babergh District Council). Enquiries to trade on the Sudbury Market should go to the Sudbury Town Council Clerk on 01787 372331 

Street Trading - Restrictions

In some areas of the Babergh District there are prohibitions or special restrictions on street trading, including:

  • Trading during the day in Sudbury town centre is prohibited (except for licensed stalls on the two markets on Thursday and Saturday). Trading between 18:00hrs and midnight is permitted on the Market Hill only subject to a Street Traders Licence. Sudbury Town Council should be contacted first if you require a pitch in the market on market days, although there may be a waiting list. 
  • Street trading is prohibited at Pin Mill, Chelmondiston. 
  • Street trading between St. Catherines Road and the bridge in Hall Street, Long Melford is permitted only with the prior consent of the District Council and certain conditions and restrictions may apply to any consent given. 
  • Trading on the Babergh half of the bridge that forms the boundary between Ipswich Borough Council and Babergh District Council at Wherstead Road, Ipswich is prohibited. 
  • Exemption from street trading laws apply where a road closure order is in effect (e.g. for a temporary market). 
  • Even if the street trading is to take place on 'private' land, for example a private car park, it may still be prohibited or controlled for street trading if the public have access to the area without making any payment. 
  • Pavement permissions (i.e. a request to site tables and chairs) outside premises on the public highway are the remit of the Licensing Team.

Failure to comply with local requirements may result in a fine of up to £1,000.