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Applications for Renewal

Due to the high demand on the joint Licensing Team for Babergh and Mid Suffolk, if we do not receive your renewal application a minimum of 14 days prior to the expiry of your vehicle, driver or operator licence then you will NOT be issued with a follow-on licence. Late applications will not be processed in time. As part of your renewal and any new application a copy will be taken of your current driving licence so please make sure this is up to date.

Renew your DVLA Driving licence

To ensure no interruption to your licensed business please apply in good time. New or change of vehicle applications should similarly not expect a licence issued within 14 days of an application. Our service standard is to issue a new licence, if granted, within 5 working days of the determination although will do our best to issue it as soon as practicable. Unannounced visits or repeated contact to pressure a licence issue will not influence the outcome.

If you are changing vehicles you are strongly advised check the suitability (including number of passengers) with the Licensing Team before you commit to an outlay. Some models may not be generally suitable or may be licensed for less passengers than the number of seats.