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Communities Strategy

Our Communities Strategy

To view the Strategy please follow this link: Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils Communities Strategy

Babergh and Mid Suffolk are proud to have developed and adopted our first Communities Strategy which responds to the big changes we're experiencing in local government and the inevitable challenges we will face in the future. It sets out our vision for the type of future we want to develop with communities and stakeholders, and provides the foundations of what's needed to achieve it.

We want to continue to deliver high quality services that are valued by our communities, but we must be realistic that this means working in different ways.

The focus of this strategy is to create the right conditions for communities to work, as well as bring volunteers, community leaders and publicly funded services together to plan and provide support for each other in the most sustainable way. This will ensure our communities are resilient and connected places for people to live and work.


Key council contacts: