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Equality and Diversity

The Council's vision under our Corporate Plan is that Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils are places of opportunity and ambition for all.

The Council is fully committed to eliminating discrimination and actively promotes equal opportunities for everybody who lives in, works in, visits Babergh and Mid Suffolk.

The Council believes that its performance and achievements will improve in an environment where equal opportunities exist and prejudice and discrimination are not tolerated.

The Council will ensure it complies with race, disability, gender and wider equality legislation.

The Council will work with its partners and local communities to challenge discrimination, to celebrate diversity and to promote cohesion.


Our objectives

Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils want to recognise and embrace equality and diversity in the following ways:

  • Babergh and Mid Suffolk officers and Councillors to understand and ensure that the legal obligations under the public sector Equality Duty are delivered
  • To improve services and organisational delivery in order to better facilitate compliance with the public sector Equality Duty in relation to residents, visitors, businesses and officers
  • To ensure that our communities equality needs are met and support community cohesion

Public Sector Equality Duty

Specific Duties