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Community Development Grants

Please note that we are currently not accepting new applications for Community Development Grants.

The Community Development Grant seeks to support local communities and organisations in both Babergh and Mid Suffolk. The financial support will help with the delivery of local initiatives and activities, where gaps in provision have been identified.

The grant pot totals £200,000 in Babergh and £250,000 in Mid Suffolk. The maximum amount that can be awarded to an individual application is £20,000. 

Applicants must be able to show that they offer a wider community benefit and are fully inclusive.

Level of grant aid

Community Development Grants can be revenue or capital up to 100% of total project costs (up to a maximum grant of £20,000). Applicants can only make one application to the Community Development Grant, but can apply to other grants for the same project or activity.

The Community Development Grant is now closed to new applications, with the deadline being Friday 16th September. Applications will be assessed and offers made by Saturday 1 October.

Eligible projects

Examples of eligible projects include:

  • provision of new or improvements to existing community facilities
  • creation of new or upgrading existing play areas and equipment
  • provision of new sport, cultural and recreation facilities
  • projects providing digital improvements that benefit communities
  • creation of new publicly available open space or projects which conserve, protect or enhance the environment
  • provision of activities that support communities to reduce isolation, improve social contact and improve wellbeing
  • vision and innovation in developing new cultural audiences or experiences - particularly those currently under-represented as users
  • installation of renewable or net zero energy projects
  • support for community groups with additional costs incurred in retaining a service/activity 


Projects or activities need to clearly evidence their need for support, and should be able to evidence community consultation or engagement. Projects need to be able to demonstrate that they contribute to one or more of our following strategies:

  1. Communities Strategy
  2. Wellbeing Strategy
  3. Leisure, Sport and Physical Activity Strategy

To find out who your local Councillor and current cabinet member for Communities & Wellbeing, please use the following links:


Projects must also meet Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils' existing community grant criteria. This includes:

  • Only constituted community groups can apply. These include:
    • town or parish councils
    • charities
    • village hall and playing field committees
    • sports clubs
    • community interest companies
    • community benefit societies
  • Businesses or individuals cannot apply
  • For capital projects - three quotes. To ensure value for taxpayers’ money, we need three quotes for any proposed works
  • Need and/or community support. We need demonstrable evidence of need/community support for the project going ahead
  • All applicants must have Equal Opportunities, Health and Safety and Adult & Child Safeguarding policies in place
  • For capital projects, all projects must have secured a full funding package prior to funding being released. Projects must start by 31 March 2023
  • No retrospective funding. We cannot issue payments or award funding if a project has started prior to a signed offer letter being returned to us
  • For capital projects, land ownership/lease and necessary permissions (for example, planning permission) must be secured


For funding advice, further information and any queries, please contact our Grants team.