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Locality Awards Guidance

District Councillors in both Babergh and Mid Suffolk have access to Locality Awards, Grants which support community groups and projects within their wards. Below are our Guidance Notes as well as Terms and Conditions which should be read before submitting an application. 


Groups should discuss their proposal directly with their Councillor before making an application.


Our Grants can only provide funding for projects that provide a benefit for the community. Only constituted community groups such as Town/Parish Councils, Charities, Village Hall and Playing Field Committees, Community Interest Companies and Community Benefit Societies can apply. Applications must come from the organisation that will be the owner of the asset.

Payments will be made via BACS. If the applicant's bank does not accept BACS payments the award cannot be made.


The deadline for completed forms to be submitted is Friday 25th February 2022. Payments will be released by 31st March 2022.

Funding should be spent within or shortly following the 2021/22 financial year. i.e. by 31st March 2022.



  • Each Councillor has £2,000.00 to allocate to groups within their ward. Councillors can work together across wards to make larger contributions.
  • Awards may only be allocated within Babergh District.
  • The minimum award is £250.00 per application.

Mid Suffolk

  • Each Councillor has £7,350.00 to allocate to groups within their ward. Councillors can work together across wards to make larger contributions.
  • Awards may only be allocated within Mid Suffolk District.
  • The minimum award is £250.00 per application.


Part A is to be filled in by the District Councillor, including the amount to be awarded, project information, details of any disclosable interests and a signature.

Part B is to be filled in by the applicant organisation, including address and bank details, comments of how it meets Mid Suffolk’s priorities for Grant funding and a signature.


• Where projects are already supported by Revenue (Core) Funding from Babergh or Mid Suffolk District Council. Groups in receipt of Revenue Funding can still apply for Locality Awards providing the proposed project is clearly separate from that being revenue funded
• Where groups are currently funded by other statutory authorities; i.e. Education or Social Care.
• For schools, where the grant is intended for educational purpose. i.e. computers, books, buildings, fixtures or fittings, land management or purchase. However, projects may be eligible providing they can show either a wider benefit to the community or are not linked to the national curriculum (i.e. health and wellbeing).
• Where funding would support political or religious activity although improvements for community use of premises may be allowable. i.e. churches, church halls.
• Awards are not available for individuals.
• Awards cannot be made retrospectively. Items already purchased or ordered cannot be funded by this award.
• Awards cannot be made towards an existing Babergh/Mid Suffolk asset or for budget transfers.
• Awards may be made to a Community Interest Company (CIC) where it is “Limited by Guarantee” but cannot be made to a CIC where the group is “Limited by Shares”
• Awards cannot be made to fundraising events where the beneficiary is a regional, national, or international charity. i.e. Comic Relief, Sport Relief, the National Trust, Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Priorities for Grant Funding

All applications should meet at least one of our Priorities for Grant Funding (featured on the application form). The applicant is required to confirm these connections as part of the assessment process.

Successful Applications

We ask that those awarded Locality Awards retain invoices/receipts relating to the project and submit them to the Grants Team once the Award has been spent.


If you have a query relating to whether support would be available for your project, please contact your local District Councillor in the first instance. For queries relating to the process or criteria, please contact the Grants Team