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Educational visits

The Countryside and Public Realm Team can assist you with planning education sessions on our sites, in your school grounds or your local outdoor spaces. Unfortunately we can no longer lead sessions but can offer support in planning and the loan of equipment for a variety of activities.

Our WOW Packs (Wildlife Outdoor Wanderers) resources support the EYFS groups.  Hands on backpack activities based around five animals (Hedgehog, Owl, Ladybird, Frog and Otter) introduce young children to the environment. 

Each ‘Pack’ contains instructions for running 6 activities based around one of the ‘WOW Gang’ with all the resources you will need. Packs can be borrowed by schools and nurseries for a small weekly fee to enable you to run activities at your venue. Each Pack has resources for 30 children.

Our Eye Castle Resource Box is a useful addition to a study of castles. In it you will find artefacts, replica items, costumes, books and Medieval games. The box can be borrowed for a small weekly fee to supplement your classroom studies.