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Activities for Early Years Group

The WOW Gang

 Younger children enjoy being outdoors and our WOW activities were developed to help younger children learn from having fun outdoors.

 Meet Dotty the ladybird, Hoppit the frog, Hoot the owl, Prickles the hedgehog and Splash the otter.  They will introduce you to their lives and where they live, through fun activities, songs and stories all contained in a series of backpacks.

 The packs enable the children to explore using their senses with activities such as making a 'smelly cocktail' for Prickles, hunting for Dotty's spots, gathering nest material for Hoot's new home or painting the world with 'Hoppit's magic water.

 WOW backpacks contain everything you need for great learning experiences outside and can even be carried by the children.

 WOW Resources

Each 'Gang Member' has their own resource box holding 5 small backpacks.  Each backpack contains the resources you need to run 6 activities for 6 children, allowing larger groups to be divided up and work independently with a leader.  The backpack also contains a glove puppet of the animal and instruction cards for the teachers.

 Other resources in the box include 5 storybooks and 5 factual books about the chosen animal. There is also a large 'WOW Gang Storybook' with five original stories based on the animal characters.

 A child friendly camera is provided to enable the children to record their activities.

 Using the Resources

Resources can be borrowed by schools and nurseries for a small weekly fee to enable you to run activities at your venue at your own pace. Or you can book a visit to one of our sites and we can

 meet you with the resource box on site. Countryside staff are no longer able to lead sessions for you on our sites. 

For further information on costs or to find out more please contact the Countryside and Public Realm team.