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Second adult rebate

Second Adult Rebate is only available to those of Pension Age

Second Adult Rebate is to help with your Council Tax bill if you have lost the single person discount due to the presence of another adult in your household who is not your partner.

Can you claim a Second Adult Rebate?

If other people who share your home are:

  • aged over 18
  • not your partner
  • not paying you rent as a boarder or sub tenant
  • not liable to pay Council Tax themselves
  • not a joint owner

then you are eligible to claim Second Adult Rebate

  • Second Adult Rebate is based on the circumstances and income of people who share your home.
  • Your income and savings are not taken into account when calculating Second Adult Rebate.
  • If you are entitled to Council Tax Reduction, and Second Adult Rebate, we will pay the one which gives you the most money. This is called a betterbuy calculation.

How much will you get?

After the weekly income of the second adult has been calculated, you may receive either a 25%, 15% or a 7½% reduction off your Council Tax bill.

How do you claim?

To claim a Second Adult Rebate you will need to complete an application form and provide proof of the second adult's income. Please see our Make a claim page.