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Annual canvass

Each year we are required to write out to every residential property in the district to collect the details of people who are entitled to be included on the electoral register.

What we’re doing

During July 2019, we will send a letter, known as a "household enquiry form" (HEF), to every household in the district. The letter will be addressed to "the occupier" and will contain the details of all those in the household who are registered to vote.


What you need to do

We will ask you to confirm that the details of those living at that address and registered to vote are correct. You can respond online at the Household Response website once you have the security code included in your letter, or call 0800 197 9871. Anyone in the household can respond to the letter.

Please don't ignore the letter, if you fail to respond you could lose your right to vote.


What happens next?

If you confirm that there are no changes, we won't write to you again as part of the 2019 canvass.

If you tell us there are new people eligible to be registered, we will send each person an "invitation to register". This form invites that person to apply to register to vote. If they prefer they can register online at Register to vote.  

If you tell us someone has moved away, we may need to write again to confirm that they have moved away. This is because we’re required to have two pieces of evidence to remove someone from the electoral register.



By law, we are required to send a reminder where we don't get a reply from a household. Help us to save money by replying promptly to the first letter.


Personal visit

If you don't reply after these reminders, we are legally required to send one of our canvassing staff to your property to ask for information.


What the law says

The law says that you must provide us information as part of the annual canvass. Failure to respond could result in you being unable to vote at future elections and being fined.