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Removal of abandoned vehicles

Report an abandoned vehicle

Reports can also be made by calling 0300 1234 000 (option 7) with as much information as possible about the make of vehicle, registration number, exact location and your name and address. 

Reports of abandoned vehicles are checked with the Driving Vehicle and Licensing Agency (DVLA) to check tax status and to ascertain registered keeper details.  All vehicle details are also passed to Suffolk Police HQ in case they have been used in crime.

The vehicle is inspected, a checklist completed and photographs taken to determine if the vehicle has been abandoned.

If, in the opinion of the council, the vehicle is abandoned, attempts are made to contact the keeper to determine if the vehicle is genuinely abandoned (a number of reports are in fact parking disputes rather than abandoned vehicles).  This gives the owner an opportunity to claim/remove the vehicle. If there is no response then a notice is served. 

Once the notice period has passed the vehicle is removed and destroyed on behalf of Suffolk County Council. The prescribed costs are passed to the registered keeper – there are separate charges for removal of a vehicle, storage of a vehicle and its destruction.