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Tree planting strategy

We are currently in the process of creating our first tree planting strategy, for the next five years.

Using data about our current tree coverage, we can identify where we can increase numbers of trees and hedgerow plants, to ensure we best target our tree planting efforts over coming years.

Our tree coverage survey

Our first step was to work with Treeconomics Ltd, to carry out a districts-wide survey of trees in our patch (known as our tree canopy).

This has enabled us to not only understand and measure our existing tree coverage down to ward level, but has also identified where tree coverage can be increased.

It means we can now also quantify some of the environmental benefits provided by trees in Babergh and Mid Suffolk, including:

  • how much carbon they store (carbon storage) and remove from the atmosphere (carbon sequestration)
  • how much rainwater they drain away (avoided runoff)
  • how many pollutants from the air (pollution removal)

Using the survey data

On Monday 5 September 2022, both Babergh and Mid Suffolk cabinets agreed to make the survey data public. This is to assist town and parish councils, community groups, landowners, planners, developers, as well as others, in supporting and improving biodiversity locally.

To data from the survey can be viewed via online maps, to make it easier visualise by ward level.

Discover more about the benefits of our trees and view online maps


We have also included a snapshot of the headline data for the whole district below:

Headline figures for Babergh's tree canopy cover
Average tree canopy cover 10.4%
Carbon storage (t) 612,000 £157,000,000
Annual carbon sequestration (t) 24,000 £6,260,000
Annual pollution removal (t) 1,100 £20,523,000
Annual avoided runoff (m3) 2,337,000 £3,658,000
Total annual benefits £30,441,000
Headline figures for Mid Suffolk's tree canopy cover
Average tree canopy cover 8.5%
Carbon storage (t) 723,000 £186,000,000
Annual carbon sequestration (t) 29,000 £7,417,000
Annual pollution removal (t) 1,310 £21,831,000
Annual avoided runoff (m3) 2,513,000 £3,934,000
Total annual benefits £33,182,000

Alternatively: download the full survey report

Tree planting strategy

We are now working our way through the data from the survey to create our first tree planting strategy.

Look out here for more information soon.