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Can I Afford It?

You might be able to buy your home for a discounted price. This is called Right to Buy.  

The Right to Buy scheme is only available to secure tenants.

To calculate your discount and obtain advice on mortgages, visit the Government's Right to Buy website.

The Money Advice Service provides free and impartial advice and options to fund the purchase.

Money Advice Service support 

Access the mortgage calculator on the link below to help you work out what the mortgage payments could be.

Mortgage calculator 

Purchase price of your home with Right to Buy discount 

We will value your home and work out the discount you are entitled to. 

If you do not agree, you have three months to appeal to the District Valuer. 

You must put your request in writing to us. We will then instruct the District Valuer. The District Valuer's decision is final, even if it is higher than our first offer.

If you've purchased through the Right to Buy scheme before, the discount you received then will be taken from your discount when you buy again.