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Disabled Adaptations

The Council provides a wide range of assistance for people with disabilities to adapt their Council homes. If you are a disabled person, an adaptation to your home can help to give you more freedom, and make it easier to access facilities within it.

If you are a private owner/occupier or a private tenant, Orbit East Care and Repair will be able to provide assistance. 


Minor adaptations

Examples of minor adaptations include grab rails, levelling thresholds and lever taps. These requests can be accepted directly from the tenant or your Occupational Therapist will request them on your behalf.

If you require minor adaptations, please contact us

Major adaptations

Examples of major adaptations include:

  • Over-bath showers 
  • Wide doorways throughout your home 
  • Wheelchair accessible kitchens 
  • Height adjustable baths 
  • Level access showers / wet rooms 
  • Stairlifts 
  • Ceiling track hoists 
  • Specialist wash/dry toilet 
  • Ramped access into your home

Major requests are recommended to Mid Suffolk District Council via a Social Services Occupational Therapist and will be considered on an individual basis.

If you require major adaptations, please contact Social Care Services' Occupational Therapists on 0808 800 4005.

Social Care Services will arrange to assess your needs and recommend any required adaptations. Following this, we will visit your home to check where the adaptation is to go and if the property is suitable for the adaptation(s) recommended. In some cases the nature or cost of the application may indicate that a transfer to more suitable property is the better solution.

Major adaptations are subject to a test of resources (means test). We will require financial information from you (the tenant) and your partner, if applicable, and we will then advise if you qualify for financial assistance. If you are not eligible for financial assistance, permission can be requested to fund the work privately following approval for a tenant alteration from the Council.

Please note that there is currently a waiting list for a level access shower. We believe it is fair to install showers in date order of when the request was made. At this time, there is an average wait of twelve months from the date of referral to installation.

Disabled Facilities Grant

If your assessment recommends that you require an adaptation, you may be entitled to a grant to fund it. If you think that you would benefit from one of these grants and would like more information, please follow this link Disabled Facilities Grant.