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Homes and Housing Strategy

Both Councils share a vision that residents should have somewhere affordable to live and call home. This provides a sense of belonging, contributes to positive health and wellbeing and strengthens community spirit. 

We have worked closely with a range of partners and our parish and town councils to make sure that our vision, strategies and action plans will, over time, create a housing market in which homes are more affordable, of high quality and better meet needs.

We are pleased to announce both Councils adopted the ‘Homes and Housing Strategy 2019 -2024’ and the ‘Homelessness Reduction and Rough Sleeper Strategy 2019 -2024’ in March 2019.

These strategies mean that we will:

  • Work with anyone wanting to develop and deliver the right homes, in the right places, at the right time – as well as making the most effective use of housing stock already here. 
  • Create more choice and ways of empowering residents to secure a long-term, stable home.
  • Fully commit to the ‘one public sector’ approach – making sure all tax payer funded resources work towards the same goals
  • Be open and transparent and providing frequent information about our progress against plans.


Strategy Documents

Homes and Housing Strategy 2019-2024:

Homelessness Reduction and Rough Sleeping Strategy:


Housing Assistance Policy

The Councils Housing Assistance Policy offers assistance to disabled residents to improve accessibility and suitability of their accommodation.

The key objectives of the Housing Assistance Policy are:

  • To enable residents to remain living independently in their own home
  • To help prevent hospital, care home or residential home admissions
  • To facilitate the prompt discharge of residents from hospital
  • To prevent the need for increased expenditure elsewhere in the ‘Suffolk System’, including Health and Social Care.

More information on the policy