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Home > Housing > Leaseholders > Subletting your Leaseholder Property

Subletting your Leaseholder Property

If you are a Leaseholder, you can let out your flat. You will become a landlord. This is called subletting.

You must let us know about it. 

If you have a mortgage you should contact your lender before doing this. 

You must update us with all the details and any changes to those details. You must ensure your tenants keep to the conditions of the lease.  You are responsible for their actions. 

You will still be responsible for the payment of service charges and ground rent. You are also responsible for the way your tenant behaves. 


Your responsibilities as a landlord

Gas safety

If your flat contains a gas appliance (such as a fire or boiler), the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations Act 1994 applies to you.

You must make sure the flat and its appliances are safe. It is recommended that you have a carbon monoxide alarm. This will warn you of any leaks that may occur.

By law, you must have your gas appliances checked at least once a year. Any faults must be repaired by a registered gas installer. If you don't you could be prosecuted.

Visit the Home Safety section of the British Gas website for more information and guidance.


Energy Performance Certificates

An Energy Performance Certificate gives a rating for a building's energy efficiency. This provides information about how energy efficient a property is.

If you are going to let your flat or there is a change of tenant, you must provide a Certificate. 

Certificates are valid for ten years and can be used as many times as required within that time. 

A Certificate is not needed for any property that was occupied before 1 October 2008. As long as it continues to be occupied by the same tenant. 

The Government has information and guidance on Energy Performance Certificates on their website. 


Other advice and support

There is more advice for landlords within our Advice for private landlords and tenants section