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Internet access and support getting online

The internet is a good source of information and is increasingly being used as a way to deliver services.

If you do not use the internet you may not be able to access certain services or may have to pay higher prices for goods and services that are generally offered online e.g. insurance.

You will need to access the internet to make a claim for Universal Credit and to manage your benefit.


What if you don’t have access to the internet at home

If you have a computer at home but don’t have access to the internet you may want to arrange access by looking at what different providers are offering and how much it would cost. Many comparison websites can show you the best deals and compare packages.

If you have your own laptop and it’s no more than a couple of years old, then there is every chance it will have a Wi-Fi card built in. This means it will detect wireless networks and join them where possible.

Publicly-available internet spaces where you can use someone else’s Wi-Fi are called ‘hotspots’ and there are many of these available.

You could join a BT Openzone hotspot, and for a small amount of money you’ll get an hours internet access. You might, however, find it preferable to go to one of the many coffee shops, bars and other places where you can join a hotspot for nothing – as long as you buy something.

Several membership establishments also offer free Wi-Fi to members.


How can you access the internet?

You may already have a computer at home or a smart phone that has access to the internet


What free or low cost internet access is available?

There are many public places that allow you to access the internet free of charge or at a lower cost e.g. public libraries or council offices, but it depends upon what is available in your local area.


How do you know what is available in your area?

UK Online is a website that tells you where you can access the internet in your local area. 


How does UK Online work?

Type in your postcode or a town/city on the website and it will show a map of your area and where there is free or low cost computer and internet access.


What if you don’t know how to use a computer?

UK Online will also tell you where you can access free or low cost computer and internet courses. 

Or you can look on the National Careers Service website 

or call their national helpline on 0800 100 900

You could look in your local newspaper or contact your local college and there are many online organisations offering training.