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Ending your tenancy


Your right to end your tenancy

You must complete and sign a Notice to Quit (NTQ) giving at least four weeks’ notice that you wish to end your tenancy. Your tenancy must end on a Sunday and the keys must be returned to us on or before this date, but no later than 5pm the following day.

Termination of tenancy form

In some cases we may agree to allow you to surrender your tenancy by giving us less than four weeks’ notice. If we do, we will confirm this in writing.

During the four week period, you must allow us to have access to your home to carry out an inspection. You must also allow us access to prospective tenants and our staff to view your home. We will confirm a date and time with you.


Leaving the property

When you move out of your home, there are certain things you must do.

Moving home webpage


Tenants who have died

If you are the Personal Representative (Executor of the will or a person who receives administration to administer the estate) of a sole tenant and they have died, you must give at least two full weeks’ notice by completing a form ending on a Sunday.

Surrender form

Keys must be returned to us by no later than 5pm the following day. You should be aware that any housing benefit that a tenant was entitled to ends on the date of death. Any rent arrears which may be left at the end of the tenancy are charged to the deceased tenant’s estate.