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Moving home

If you move using any of the exchange schemes, or if you decide to rent or buy a property privately, you will need to give us four weeks notice in writing.

When we receive your notice, we will contact you to arrange to visit you before you leave.


Leaving your old property

During our visit, we will tell you what work you need to carry out before you move out. You will also be able to discuss any questions you may have. The following is a list of work that you should do before you move out.

Remove your belongings

This includes all carpets, unless they are in very good condition, all furniture, and the contents of the loft, any sheds and the garden. Any items you leave behind will not be sent to you. We will charge you the cost of clearing your old home. You must leave wheelie bins at the property.

Leave your old home clean and in a good state of repair

This includes fixtures, fittings and decorations. If you have carried out any alterations without our permission, you must return the property to its original state.

Secure the home

This includes turning off the gas, electricity and water supplies, and locking the doors and windows. Gas appliances must be 'capped off' by a CORGI-registered engineer.

Close all your accounts for the home

This includes gas, electricity, water, phone and Council Tax bills. You should also arrange with the post office to have your mail redirected.

The condition of your home

If we are not happy with the condition of the property, we will ask you to carry out repairs and we will charge you rent until the problems are sorted out.

New tenants

We may ask you to allow a possible new tenant to view the property with a member of staff before you leave.


You must return all keys, including those for the meter cupboards, sheds and bin cupboards. Keys must be returned to the Council offices on or before your tenancy end date. 


You will need to tell us which utility companies (gas, electricity and water) have provided you with their services so we can make sure that the new tenants moving in can easily use these services.


Moving home checklist

We have put together a leaflet: