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Public Health Funerals

The Councils must bury or cremate anyone who has died in the Districts, where the relatives are either unwilling or unable to pay, or where no relatives can be found.

In such cases, the Council will arrange and pay for a simple but respectful funeral and may recover any costs from the estate of the deceased person. 

Freedom of Information requests

The Council receives a large number of requests under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to find out information about public health burials.

Basic details of all public health burials arranged since 1 January 2010 are available below.

In most cases, this list will be updated within seven days from notification of death.  The Council deals with very few cases where there is no next of kin and where the case is referred to the Treasury Solicitor.

People who make Freedom of Information requests will be referred to this page.  If further information is required about a particular case, you should contact the contact the Data Protection Team.

All deaths have to be registered with the Suffolk Registration and HM Coroners Services.