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Right to Buy for council tenants

The Right to Buy scheme was introduced in 1980 and is designed to help council and housing association tenants in England buy their home at a discount.

The maximum discount is £80,900 and it takes effect from 6 April 2018 across England (excluding London)

  • You may have the right to buy your home if you've been a tenant of a council dwelling for a minimum of three years and hold a secure tenancy
  • Your tenancy doesn't have to have been with this council, or in your present dwelling, to qualify. Time spent as a tenant of another council or housing association may count towards your qualifying time
  • Certain conditions do apply

To check your eligibility, visit the Government Website dedicated to Right to Buy.

Right to Buy eligibility 

Excluded dwellings

Not every property is eligible for Right to Buy. There are a number of dwellings excluded from the right to buy and they include:

  • sheltered housing for the elderly
  • dwellings used for temporary housing
  • dwellings let in connection with the tenant's employment, e.g. a caretaker's house
  • homes that are particularly suitable for occupation by elderly persons e.g. Bungalows and the property was first let to you for occupation aged 60 or over and the property was first let before the 1st January 1990.