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Councils’ new tenancy policy recognises ‘a home is not just a house’

Posted by Communications on 29 December 2022 | Comments

Council tenants across Babergh and Mid Suffolk can look forward to continuing certainty over their homes with the possible adoption of the councils’ new tenancy policy.

Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils’ cabinets will meet next week to discuss the adoption of the policy, which supports the councils’ vision to improve the wellbeing of its tenants, supporting the development of family life and thriving communities across the districts.

The policy sets out a clear explanation of the range of tenancies that the councils offer and how and they are managed. 

It reinforces the councils’ recognition of and the importance of all residents having a safe and sustainable place to call home, alongside the need for high-quality social and affordable housing.

Babergh’s cabinet member for housing, Cllr Jan Osborne, said:

"The adoption of this policy will ensure that we are in line with the requirements of the Housing Regulator and the councils’ aim to be a good landlord and support our communities.

“The implementation of secure tenancies is current best practice within the housing sector. It is important that social and affordable homes are managed in a way that is fair and balanced for all residents and this policy supports that.”


Mid Suffolk’s cabinet member for housing, Cllr Lavinia Hadingham, said:

"Housing is one of the key services we provide for our residents and this policy ensures that our tenants have a clear understanding of how our tenancies work and what we are able to offer.

“As a council we want to be able to provide a home for our tenants, not just a place to live. Knowing that you can be confident in setting up a home for your family and future is important for the wellbeing of everyone.”

The tenancy policy aims to:

  • explain how tenancies will be managed
  • provide tenants with security of tenure
  • recognise tenants’ needs, aspirations and changing lives and provide a service which meets these
  • make best use of our limited supply of homes - by enabling and encouraging tenants to move to more suitable accommodation if their home no longer meets their needs
  • support our tenants to sustain their tenancies
  • tackle breaches of the tenancy proportionately
  • deter and tackle tenancy fraud

The tenancy policy is in line with Government policy and allows the councils to continue to provide long-term security tenancies. It will formalise the processes in place with no significant changes to our current practice of tenancy management, or the rights of existing or new tenants.